Collaborators Include:

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About The Artist

I have been a working makeup artist and hairstylist for more than a decade. I view the face and the body as unique shapes which compile into a moving, breathing canvas, with inspiration drawn from both classical and modern art. I focus on natural texture and skin to allow my art an aesthetic that is both timeless and relevant to the modern world.

I enjoy sharing technique and expertise with beginning artists through teaching, and my previous work includes a Lead Instructor position at Seattle’s premier school of makeup. I believe in harnessing and nurturing talent seen in others, for what we have is a gift.

I collaborate closely with producers, art directors, film makers and the like to breathe life into a collaborative vision. My vibrant personality and ability to connect with people from all walks of life has propelled my career and provided me with rewarding and challenging opportunities on set.

I currently live in New York City and travel frequently to my clients in Los Angeles and Seattle.

Publications include:

InStyle, Solstice, Glamour UK, Vogue Italia, W Magazine, Breed, Ellements, iMirage, Bisou, Institute, La Belle Plus, Revamp LA, Runway Magazine, Seattle Metropolitan, Seattle Met Bride and Groom, Seattle Bride, StyleMePretty, Borrowed and Blue, Green Wedding Shoes, Ruffled, OnceWed

Celebrity Clients include:

Juno Temple, Jeremy Jackson, Jamie Tisch, Alessandro Canu, Juliet Scott Croxford, Josie Canseco


Ashli Danielle | makeup + hair | | 323.774.8447 | New York. Los Angeles. Seattle.